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Stripe It Up works as a full serve striping company. We offer varied pavement marking and removal operations to meet your needs. We are ready to tackle your job. Check out our flexible scheduling, competitive pricing, and, of course, our commitment to completing your project on time, every time. Our specialized equipment and expert personnel can handle all sorts of projects.

My team and I are dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. We can meet all of your asphalt concrete and maintenance needs needs. There is not a job, no matter how big or small, in which we do not excel.

Tyler Wheeler

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What we do here at Stripe It Up

We can stripe parking lots, bicycle trails, streets, and roadways. In addition, we use thermoplastic marking for a clean and professional look.

Thermoplastic Marking

For more than 60 years Thermoplastics have been used as a pavement marking material in the United States and have been the most common pavement marking material used on roadways in Texas. The popularity of thermoplastic markings can be attributed to several factors including: readiness for immediate use, high durability, and good retro reflectivity, relatively low cost. When correctly applied, thermoplastic pavement markings have been known to last from 5 to 8 years depending on traffic volumes, but research has shown that usual service lives range from 2 to 3 years depending on traffic volumes.

  • Reflectivity: Thermoplastic marking includes reflective glass beads in the solution. They can even increase visibility at night or in wet conditions, thereby enhancing everyone’s safety.
  • Optional added security features: thermoplastic marking can be used to add delineation with an acoustic and rumbling effect.
  • Durability: Oil and debris can’t get into thermoplastic marking, because creates a thermal bond to the road surface. This creates a product which is highly resistant to traffic impact or the elements.
  • Longevity: Thermoplastic marking will last a minimum of four to even six times longer than regular traffic paint.

This unique product is trusted for very good reasons. It is also safe for the environment. And it will keep you from having to budget for a new striping application every year. It works on both concrete and asphalt, assuring its versatility for just about any project. Thermoplastic marking can do all that.

Line Marking
Line Painting


Thermoplastic marking material is available in powder form or in preformed blocks. It is based on either hydrocarbon or alkyd resins. First, the thermoplastic material is heated to just about 400 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s more than the boiling point of gasoline!

The thermoplastic material is composed of: binders, pigments, and glass beads which together form a durable, longer lasting product with nighttime visibility. We at Stripe It Up use a thermoplastic sealer on either Portland concrete or aged asphalt surfaces. We apply the sealer before applying the thermoplastic pavement marking materials. This helps us to ensure a high quality bonding of the material to the surface.

We generally create symbols and words with hot tape thermoplastic. This is a highly durable pavement marking system. The thermoplastic legends and symbols are supplied in the end shape and form. The marking is often supplied in large pieces, and then we put them together as if we were working on a very large jigsaw puzzle. These images are everything from the regulation markings for a basketball court to the international symbol of disability to arrows and crosswalk striping, to verbiage, such as ‘right turn only’. This heavy duty intersection quality pavement marking material is perfect for high traffic areas. This is because those areas get the most wear and tear.

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But how does it do with Pavement Markings?

Thermoplastic marking is a durable and long-lasting solution, but it is also flexible. It can handle parking space markings for both standard vehicles and compacts, and even for handicapped vans. It can be used to create directional markings and define crosswalks and no parking and loading zones. Plus of course you will want it for fire lanes and speeds zones. It can even be used to designate rights of way.

Parking Lot Striping

Nothing can make your parking lot stand out better than some brand new striping.  Our thermoplastic markings create a smooth and bright professional touch which helps keep your parking lot safer, too! Let us show you how we can enhance the beauty and functionality of your business’s parking lot – it is often both the first and last impression your customers get of your business. Isn’t it better if they get a positive impression of your business?

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