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Are your paved surfaces looking dull, dingy, and old? Do they have layers of dirt and grime? Parking lots can end up with a host of oil spills and coolant leaks. The sand, clay, oil, dirt and stains on your paved surfaces are loaded with germs and bacteria which are just waiting to get onto your shoes and into your home or business. You need power washing.

Power Washing and Asphalt Maintenance

Power washing is an inexpensive and effective way to restore your property’s original beauty. Not only does accumulated filth cause your pavement’s appearance to suffer, it can also become a safety issue. This is because the film makes the surface slippery, and it can even hide pavement markings. As a result, the best course of action is to maintain your asphalt pavement and keep it clean.

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Benefits of Power Washing

Power washing can take away layers of grime, oil and other chemicals which may have been building up on your asphalt for months or years. Stripe It Up will send an experienced team to handle your job efficiently and quickly. We can get the hidden and stubborn dirt and grime out and bring back its original look.

By bringing back the bright and eye-catching colors of your pavement markings, walkways and parking spaces will stand out more. Pedestrians will be safer, and everyone will be more likely to park between the lines when they can see where the lines really are.

Our Method

First, our power washing crew will prepare your asphalt. We will clear it of all large debris. Then we will carefully and completely remove all of the grime and filth. Our service is efficient and cost-effective. We save you time and resources – it’s better than doing it yourself!

Our Promise

We promise to maintain and bring back the clean and professional look of your pavement. We can take care of even the most difficult power washing jobs. We will do it right.

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If you want to clean pavement in preparation for repair or maintenance, Stripe It Up is there to help you with all of your Austin and San Antonio sandblasting needs.

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