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Nothing makes your parking lot stand out with curb appeal more than restriping your parking lot pavement markings. A simple restripe improves the look and provides a clear navigation of traffic flow.

Parking Lot Striping with Stripe It Up

Parking lot striping is one of the key scopes within the parking lot maintenance industry. A restripe alone will immediately stand out to owners, potential clients, and customers.

At Stripe-it-up we pride ourselves on having the best striping / pavement marking team in Texas. Our team invented the gold standard for New Construction layout striping, Restripe, Remodel parking lots, and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compatibility standards.

We have the experience and the knowledge to provide you and your property the best striping solution correctly the first time.

Parking Lot Striper

Pavement Marking Scopes & Solution

New Layout Pavement Markings
New Construction methods and materials are always evolving and so do we at Stripe-it-up. As other companies stick with old outdated designs we like to work with multiple manufacturers and engineers to find new and exciting materials and equipment to use. This allows us to not only provide a more diverse striping style but gives us the advantage to deliver a superior product each and every time.

Restriping Existing Markings
Just like it sounds, this can sometimes be one of the biggest curbside appeal projects you do on your property. With a properly prepared surface and a fresh coat on stripes or red on your firelane curbs your parking lot stands out to all that drive by. Depending on your cost needs we can offer multiple traffic paints to stay within your budget.

Remodel Parking Layout
Sometimes a parking lot layout is just outdated or undersized due to the property growth, and building a new parking lot is just not an option. Our professional team can work with you directly, your engineer, or we can provide you our knowledge and past expertise to assist you on making the best out of a sometimes-difficult parking lot situation. From start to finish we have the ability to assist, design, and install to your exact specifications.

ADA standards
This has quickly become one of the largest HOT topics of the Austin Area. Just a missing line, hatch out, or outdated ADA parking design can quickly become a costly venture. Our Team can quickly install a multitude of ADA compliant solutions.

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