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Are you looking for concrete repair services? Then look no further. Stripe It Up can easily handle any concrete project in the Austin/San Antonio area.

Concrete Installation and Concrete Repair

Concrete can easily be overlooked as a maintenance item or an immediate issue to address. Unfortunately, what you think is a minor crack or failure could be pointing to a much larger issue creating a much costlier project if left alone. We service all styles of concrete paving and concrete repairs.

We are more than prepared to tackle the smallest repair to the larger concrete demo or new construction project.

My team and I are dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. We can meet all of your asphalt concrete and maintenance needs needs. There is not a job, no matter how big or small, in which we do not excel.

Tyler Wheeler

Founder, Stripe It Up

Our Concrete Services

There’s more to concrete than just flatwork and paving. What about the specifics? At Stripe It Up, we can do it all.

Concrete Parking Lots

Concrete Sidewalks

Concrete Driveways

Concrete Ramps

Concrete Curbs

ADA Concrete Needs

Our Repair Services

Here at Stripe It Up, we offer thorough concrete maintenance and repair services. And this includes:

  • Sealing cracks
  • Finishing concrete
  • Restoring driveways
  • Repairing sidewalks


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