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Stripe It Up can easily handle any asphalt project in the Austin/San Antonio area. Our estimators have the experience to quickly finish your paving or repair job at a fair and reasonable price.

My team and I are dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. We can meet all of your asphalt concrete and maintenance needs needs. There is not a job, no matter how big or small, in which we do not excel.

Tyler Wheeler

Founder, Stripe It Up

Asphalt Paving Services

Have you ever worked with an estimator who seemed to overstep and take the reins, or not really listen to your input? That won’t happen with Stripe It Up. Our estimators make sure to work with you every step of the way. Together, we will create a layout and a plan so we can finish your pavement project on your schedule. We are with you from the planning stage all the way to the final walkthrough and even the evaluation. Our paving estimators will supervise every phase to make sure you get the best quality work and materials possible.

New Projects

When it comes to new site constructions and projects, our expert pavers will work directly with your own general contractor. We will, together, layout and plan your project, and decide on the optimum timeline for your project. This includes scheduling the stages in order to diminish the project’s effect on traffic.

You might want to expand your asphalt surface, or replace it altogether. Either way, we will get you the most out of your paving investment. And if it turns out that your asphalt must be replaced, we can help you with that as well. And of course we will take care of tearing out and removing your old paved surface or asphalt.

Asphalt paving services

Our Expertise

The company is new, established in 2016. However, our personnel are not new to this business. Our business has roots that stretch back to the 1940s! The Wheeler family has been paving and repairing asphalt in San Antonio and Austin for decades, and we bring our expertise to Stripe It Up. Our expertise makes it so we can handle even larger projects. We also do parking lot striping, concrete installation and repair; power washing and sand blasting; and can add thermoplastic Pavement Markings. For slabs, driveways, curb repair, and parking lot repair, call us at Stripe It Up, because we do it all.


Asphalt paving is a wonderful choice for many different kinds of applications, due to its cost-effectiveness, its durability, its strength, and how easy it is to work with. However, even the best asphalt will crack and decay with exposure, use, and the passage of time.

Repairs are Better Done Sooner than Later

You want to fix your asphalt as quickly as you can once you see deterioration or damage. If these problem areas are left alone they will only get worse costing you more in the long run. Our team can identify the correct fix and application saving you time and money while adding that curbside appeal for your business.

And your business’s appeal will lessen if the parking lot’s (or other area’s) asphalt is damaged. Would you want to work with a company which could not see fit to fix its obviously damaged areas?


And don’t forget about proper maintenance! Here at Stripe It Up, we work with you to help you maintain your asphalt and keep cracks and potholes from getting even worse. Potholes and cracks allow in water, and that widens the cracks and deepens the potholes. As the damage worsens, it accelerates, and it will eventually destroy the asphalt.

Therefore, we highly recommend crack sealing. It can extend the life of your pavement by many years. And by sealing your pavement, you can prevent water from entering. This stops new cracks, and it helps to ensure the stability of the base so that the ground underneath does not shift. It is always best to treat your problem areas when they are still small. Our highly skilled and professional work crews only use the best state of the art equipment to repair your pavement. It is our mission to ensure your total satisfaction. We take pride in what we do.

Let us turn your uneven and cracking pavement into a beautiful, durable, and long lasting surface you can be proud of.

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